Professional Landscaping

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Professional Landscaping Professional Landscaping is usually an underrated job. Three ways this job can prove people wrong is that Professional Landscapers make good money, they make more money than a normal job, and it requires creativity, with each job different from the other, which makes it fun and entertaining with each job. Perhaps people can say that professional landscapers are underrated in the way, because people do not give them enough credit for the amount of planning and work they do to accomplish each job or task. Landscapers are required to get a lot of jobs done in a certain amount of time, while still creating an environment pleasing to each individual client. Also it requires a lot of dirty work, such as working a lot with soil, mulch and sometimes even manure. The requirements needed for this job can be very surprising. Professional certified landscaping, believe it or not, takes more education and skill than what some people would think. Most professional landscapers, or professional landscaper that want to become licensed, need certain requirements of schooling to do this (Princeton Review). Surprisingly, Professional Landscapers often need a Bachelor’s Degree (Princeton Review). To obtain your Bachelor’s Degree for Landscaping, it takes about 3 to 5 years to finish all the classes required (Princeton Review). On the other hand, to become a professional Landscaper for some higher profile jobs, you may also have to have a Master’s Degree (Princeton Review). The Master’s degree takes about an additional 2 to 3 years to complete (Princeton Review). These two things are often needed the most to become a Licensed landscaper, but this is not all the requirements involved. There are a bunch more that are not ment... ... middle of paper ... ... of hard work, for a little of nothing. Landscaping is so much more than just mowing and raking. People just have to look harder at all of the work, and the money involved. Also what people do not realize is that you can work on your own time and efficiently, while making their clients happy with the job they do. Works Cited “Career One Stop.” Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities .N.P, 11/26/13. web. 27 nov 2013 “Christine Igi.” Landscape “The Princeton.” Landscape architect. N.p., 11/26/13. Web. 27 nov 2013 httpsL// Decker, Black and. Landcape design and construction. Minnetonta, Minnesota: cy Decosse Incoorpotated, 1992. Print Hall, Don. Personal Interview. 28 nov 2013

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