Professional Experience as a Preceptor

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In this paper I will discuss how preceptors and educational leaders have contributed to my nursing career and many others. The mentors who have the most influence on nurses are those that stick with the nurses and help give them the motivation they need to move through obstacles. In the first few paragraphs, I will discuss my personal experience with a mentor and the characteristics they possessed that were beneficial to me. Mentors have become a great influence in my career and many others. In the last section of this paper, I will discuss some of my personal experiences in example and support why I value the characteristics by referring back to peer reviewed articles. Preceptors are essential and irreplaceable in the nursing profession and in this paper will describe how they are active in every nurse’s life and profession.
Characteristics of a Preceptor
The qualities I think that is essential to be an excellent preceptor for someone in the nursing field is support/motivation. The preceptor must be an individual who has the senses to know when a nurse is struggling and give them the support needed to continue and push pass the obstacles they are facing because there are daily challenges that every nurse must face. The next characteristic that is important is the nurse must be knowledgeable in their area of nursing. This characteristic is important because if another is confronted with a dilemma they can be available as a resource because many nurses seek out a preceptor when they are unsure of a route to take before or after a situation has occurred. Honesty is the best solution for any situation and is one of the most important character traits to process. The preceptor must be accountable, truthful, and always ...

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...eptors were amazing and have left an impression and is one of the reasons I am the nurse am and I hope to precept my students the same way being supportive and guiding them down the best road. One day when one of my preceptee look back at their professional career I hope they can see how important it was for them to have a mentor especially in nursing school and as a new graduate nurse.

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