Professional Ethics In Counseling

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My definition of an ethical counselor is an individual that applies standards of behavior to their work. This behavior can be human conduct and moral decision making. These standards of behaviors are set by governments, professional bodies, organizations and community groups. These standards can vary across different countries and cultures. This is because societies in some parts of the world value some types of behaviors more highly than others. Ethics in counseling is necessary because it allows counselors to be accountable. My own definition of ethics is something that you believe in and follow which influences your decision making. Ethics also means the continuous effort of studying our own moral beliefs and our moral conduct, and striving…show more content…
Clients are not coming in for judgment they are there for understanding. Personal feelings and opinions should never interfere with how a counselor does their job. As a counselor, it is important to follow the guidelines set by American Counseling Association and the National Board for Certified Counselors. These guidelines protect the client as well as the counselor and their respective organization. Being a professional and being ethical go hand in hand. Being ethical in your work and life is a high quality and desirable trait for one to have. Ethics not only are ones moral values so to speak, but they also are what guide someone in their professional and person conduct and help them through their decision making processes. This paper will talk about ethical influences that I have had in my life and my own personal take on…show more content…
My parents served as a big source for the way I act. These values were instilled in me throughout my childhood and helped to shape my moral compass. Everyone has some sense of ethics in them however not everyone follows the same moral compass and has the same ethical values. To determine the difference between right and wrong can be an easy task for some and not an easy task for others. I personally prefer to reflect on my own belief system and a value when it comes to determining what I feel is right or wrong or before acting on something. If I find that I am compromising my beliefs to do something, the action is probably not one that I want to be taking and is ultimately a wrong decision. If I feel that I am not compromising something that I believe in than my actions are most likely justified or right. From a personal point of view I like to maintain solid ethics in my relationships with others. I like to think in my personal relationships I stick more to fairness or justice approach with
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