Professional Advertising Agency and British Airways' Promotional Campaign

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A Professional Advertising Agency Contributes to British Airways' Promotional Campaign

A professional campaign can contribute to a promotional campaign in

many ways which could help BA to establish a stronger message to the

public, an advertising agency depending on its experience in dealing

with big company like BA can contribute a professional handling of all

BA’s advertising needs. This means handling BA’s advertising campaign

from start till finish, the agency even deals with the expenses of

their clients promotional campaign. An agency guarantees a

professional and fresh approach to advertising because a big company

like BA who handles its own advertising after years can run out of

ideas, that’s where a professional agency comes into picture it

enables the company to offload some of its advertising

responsibilities so that the business can focus on other aspects of

the company without having to worry about their promotional campaign.

An advertising agency can contribute to their clients in terms of

successful promotional campaign by helping their clients to:

· Use innovative approach – this means an agency can help a company to

look at other aspect of approaching customers, other ways of getting

the message across. An agency can make a company more effective in

communicating with customers.

· Plan media – this means an advertising agency also contributes key

areas such as media selection. Advertising agency also involves around

media planni...

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