Products for Cleaning Human Skin

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1.1 INTRODUCTION The Human skin is the natural barrier of the body; the sebaceous glands of the skin secrete sebum, forming a thin layer to keep the skin soft and smooth. Sweat which is consist mainly of salt, urea and protein degradation products, dead cells as a result of the skin peeling off, the dust from the air settle on the skin surface promotes the growth of bacteria and air oxidative rancidity resulting in body odour and skin infections, it is therefore important to clean the skin adequately to prevent an increase in pathogenic bacteria which may cause skin diseases. Cleansing or bathing is an essential for our everyday lives and for most people cleansing or bathing serves purely as the mode of removing dirt and other unwanted substances from the surface of the skin. Cleansing has frequently taken on significance beyond the simple act of dirt removal, however the act of cleansing these days also serves as a means of relaxation and escape from the cares of everyday life and as a way to improve the skin's health and appearance. Even though various product forms have been in...

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