Productivity And Culture Case Study

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Chapter One
1.1 Introduction
The relationship between productivity and culture of an organization has been under a lot of scrutiny. Many researchers agree that it is important that organizations operate while completely conscious to their culture and how it is reciprocated in order to be productive.
Organizational productivity is a focused view of how input is processed to generate output at the most minimal resources timeously. In looking closely at attempting to achieve this, organizations need to build a strong culture and implement it. Management will need to make certain that employees identify with the values and norms of the organization hence the need to build a culture specific and representative of the demographics of the company; particularly in a multi-national company. Given all the aspects, the effects of corporate culture on productivity are still worthy of further research.
This chapter is an introduction to the central part of this
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Problems in the company take too long to solve, resulting in authority being maintained centrally and poor time management and reduced output.
1.3 Background of the research
There was no research done in this particular title but with similar topics were investigated for example by Arnold Anderson called “how can job satisfaction impact employee productivity?” In his study he found out that employees tend to decrease organizational productivity through their dissatisfaction. It is management’s prerogative to give the employees room to grow and gain responsibility so as to feel as a part of the organization and become productive. Since for this reason, there is need to expatiate on the extent of impact organizational culture has on a company’s
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