Production Of The Cash Crops Grown For California

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Almonds form part of the cash crops grown in California. Almonds are used as ingredients in making pastry and also as a milk supplement. The region is one of the suppliers of the commodity and many other states, and outside countries depend on its almond yield. However, the growing of this crop is currently hindered by the prolonged drought that is entering its fourth year. Both the farmers and the residents are worried of the phenomenon that has led to the shortage of water for the agricultural and domestic activities. Nevertheless, there is much concern on the quantity of water that is required to grow almonds (2). The almond plantations need a lot of water, and everyone is concerned of how to reduce such consumption so as to help conserve the limited water resources. Even though the almond farming has utilized a large quantity of water in the past, it is possible to reduce the amount of the required water through the application of different agricultural techniques. The farmers can contribute towards reducing the quantity of water that is needed to grow almonds by practicing mulching. It is the covering of the soil using decomposable materials such as the dry leaves and the stalks of other plants. The activity ensures that the top soil only loses a minimal amount of water to the atmosphere. Therefore, the plantations will be able to retain some moisture at the foot of the almond trees; thereby significantly reducing the amount of water that is required for growth. The farmers should also resort to drip irrigation as opposed to the flood irrigation (1). Drip watering ensures that water is only directed to the foot of every almond tree and not to the bear parts of the plantations as for the case of flood irrigati... ... middle of paper ... ...tention techniques in their forms. For example, they could do mulching, use drip irrigation, using domestic wastewater, and by applying a limited amount of water in the farms to allow the crops to adapt to the new situation by growing their roots deep into the soil in search of moisture. There is also the need to trap rainwater and channel the same to the plantations. Building terraces might also contribute to water retention by minimizing the runoffs. On the other hand, the agricultural authorities could encourage the farmers to resort to growing other crops that are either drought resistant or only require a minimal amount of water for irrigation. Lastly, it might be necessary to reduce the supply of water to the almond farmers so as to force them to adopt the best agricultural practices that would ensure that they only require a little water for irrigation.

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