Product Strategy Of N Out Burger

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Product Strategy In-N-Out Burger has the most food on its menu, which are hamburger, cheeseburger, and Double-Double. Its customers often order them. The company also provide french fries, fountain drinks and three different flavors of milkshakes. If people really know about the menu of In-N-Out, they will know the company also offers other food that is not on its menu. People are able to order these products at all In-N-Out restaurant. They have called these products are secret menu. These variable products include 3×3, 4×4, Neopolitan shakes, grilled cheese sandwich, Protein style, and Animal Style. 3×3 means the hamburger includes three piece of meat and three piece of cheese. 4×4 is same with 3×3, it just has extra a piece of meat and cheese. Next, grilled cheese sandwich has same element as the burgers, but its difference is on the meat. It uses melted cheese to replace normal cheese. Protein style has one different ingredient with lettuce with the burgers. It uses lettuce as a bun of burger. If people like to eat grilled onions, they would like to order an Animal Style because it has not only melted cheese but also grilled onions on top. The reason to make an Animal style burger as a delicious burger, that uses mustard by a thin layer way (SCHOULTZ, M. 2013). The secret menu is ending yet. Through simply asking, people can get any burger mustard grilled. The burger mustard grilled is the cookers will cook the meat while they put some mustard on the top. The customers are able to enjoy special moments in their own life when they want to savor the cheese. If they order a grilled cheese, they will enjoy its bun and cheese because the bun is soft toasted, and the cheese is beautiful to melt. If a customer loves cheese, In-N-Out... ... middle of paper ... ... activity was the core value of In-N-Out. In addition, the company just spent a little money on its stickers, but it got a lot of free advertising through this activity. However, it made a powerful impressiveness of public relations between the company and its customers. In-N-Out has not commercialized the secret menu. The company only has deeply ingrained trust with its customers (Perman, S. 2009, April 24). In-N-Out Burger have these unique selling points, so these is the reason why the company has gotten a lot of positive value from people 's mouth marketing. Since the company has created stickers, and its customers have been able to get it for free for many years. Two types of stickers of In-N-Out are burger and urge. The company used different way to advertise its brand. For example, it sell many different souvenir products with the its logo (SCHOULTZ, M. 2013).
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