Product Placement in Film and Television Today

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Ford paid the producers of Casino Royale, another James Bond movie, $14 million dollars to have a three-minute spot featuring Ford’s new Mondeo. Companies, brands and conglomerates are starting to branch out in their marketing and advertising techniques. This is only one example out of millions. Product placement today, throughout the media and film industry, is a new advancement in the way a company can advertise and market. Product placement is a new tactic in advertising and marketing that allows companies to subtly integrate their products throughout new release movies and hit television shows. Compared to boring, old commercials, product placement is a new, more hidden version of advertising. Many people have the mindset of ‘Well if they’re using it, it must be great! I should use it too!’ This is where we see sales skyrocket after products are placed in popular movies and TV shows. On the other hand, some researchers are beginning to question whether product placement may have a subliminal effect on certain people, also. For example, perhaps you don’t really notice that most of everyone’s clothes in that new TV show is stamped with the Under Armour logo, or maybe you didn’t really pick out that mostly everyone in your favorite movie is drinking Pepsi, but newer studies could possibly be proving that you might actually be more inclined to buy one of those brands when it came down to a decision vs. the competing brand. This is why a lot of companies are starting to really push and are willing to pay top dollar to place their products in popular movies and TV shows. There are a few different types of product placement that can occur. The first one being, it simply just happens. There aren’t any arrangements and no... ... middle of paper ... ...source for product placement in the movies. Brand Hype. Retrieved December 2, 2013, from Suggett, P. (n.d.). Product placement advertising. About. Retrieved December 3, 2013, from Sutherland, M. (n.d.). Why product placement works. Sutherland Survey. Retrieved November 29, 2013, from Szalai, G. (2011, February 14). Disney: 'Cars' has crossed $8 billion in global retails. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved December 2, 2013, from What is product placement?. (n.d.). What is Product Placement?. Retrieved December 2, 2013, from