Product Development Essay

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INSIDE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT As said by Shaveta Pujara of Fashion Technology, “Product development captures the mood or flavor of the design project, as well as reflects the target customer. The in depth study and close examination of the inspiration stimulates the ideas about colors and textures which influence the choice of fabrics.” Product development deals with improving an existing product or developing new kinds of products. Companies creating products have the choice of producing organic green clothing or inorganic. Keeping products organic like hemp, recycled denim, and organic cotton gives developers and consumers a new creative concept. The issues that come along with product development are the economic factors, fashion and style, and their connection to the environment. Although product developers and consumers create products non-organically they should further promote and take the time to develop eco friendly materials to benefit their company, its products, and society as a whole. Product development overall is the creation of a new product in which people commercialize their ideas. The process goes through a strategy, marketing plan, organization, concept of generation and evaluation that is causing a powerful growth for the engine of green clothing. As of recently green clothing is being produced and promoted more and more, and is involved in companies like Volcom, Patagonia, American Apparel, and Billabong. Along with many more leading the green clothing movement. These companies influence the industry, allowing them to develop new methods and ways to experiment with dying, printing, and converting fabrics. The reason is connected with the graphic artists having no limit in terms of designing and imagining what... ... middle of paper ... ...ple who believe the high costs of organic clothing will never be enough. Which in some cases is true because, “An inconvenient truth is that organic and all natural clothing will always be more expensive than conventional, chemical clothing” (High Costs). Which is when companies decide to get more bang for their buck, since organic crops need more tending to, workers with good work ethics, and the somewhat confusing process and cleaning machines have to go through. Causing owner to not even bother trying since, “The process costs money… actually more money then conventional chemical methods which is why conventional methods use all those toxic and deadly chemicals” (High Costs). This is all a contribution as to why producing organic materials drives up the cost, and how consumers can’t determine the environmental impact of the products they assume are eco friendly.
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