Procrastination In Today's Exhausted Superkids By Frank Bruni

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In the article “Today’s Exhausted Superkids,” Frank Bruni goes into considerable detail on how teenagers are being deprived of sleep by pulling together a series of evidence from article findings to quotes. In addition, he factors in a variety of causes of why this is happening. “And that says everything about the way childhood has been transformed - at least among ambitious, privileged subset of Americans - into an insanely programmed, status-obsessed and sometimes spirit- sapping race,” Bruni wrote. With favorable intentions, he draws forth the reality of the situation. Consequently, there is an enormous pressure set upon students’ shoulders from a young age; almost pinning them down from the start before they have a chance to stand up. He…show more content…
Procrastination seems to be a another problem on its own. For a fact, I know I struggle with procrastination. After a long day at school, it seems to be almost natural to want to push my responsibilities to the side in order to have a few moments of fun. Procrastination allows teenagers to slip away from their responsibilities for hours to even days. Furthermore, the lack of sleep can jeopardize one’s grades. For example, one would agree it is dangerous to be distracted while driving. This can also be said when one is distracted while studying. In this case, the inadequate amount of sleep would be the distraction. A student is likely to create an abundance of errors while half asleep rather than if they were fully rested. There has to be a toll on one’s mental state when realizing one choice can affect their future. For a majority of students, a few poor grades on a homework assignment feels as if the world is caving in on them. This is because, as a young child, we were told to aim for perfection. From the beginning, adults have petrified the young into believing that one simple mistake can jeopardize their entire future. Whether it is something minor or
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