Procrastination And Its Effects On The High School Year Till Now

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The subject that I’ll be addressing in this topic is procrastination. The reason behind the issue is the fact I’ve been hauled into the depths of procrastination in my high school year till now. It has hindered me so dearly that I had to pull an all nighter on assignments that will change my grade immensely. There was one scenario during my high school year where I had to stay up until five a.m. for an english project that was worth seventy percent on our grade. In addition, due to my careless decision, I only had one hour of sleep before going to school. Consequently, due to my irresponsible choice to do it on the last minute, I had to pay the consequences as a result sleeping through my other classes. Furthermore, another situation, I have stumbled upon procrastination is studying for midterms. There are some cases that I studied for two hours and will receive a letter grade with an A however, for other midterms, I didn’t take that much effort to study and took the test with an educated guess from start to finish thus resulting with a grade of a C or lower. My approach in order to preclude procrastination is the five steps that are going to be stated in this paper. The first step in avoiding procrastination is by setting aside my distractions when taking on an assignment. It is effortless for an individual to be grasped by distraction including; social media, TV, and etc. However, by removing my distractions, I will enable myself in accomplishing the task. From your suggestion, by setting aside the problem, you stated to use only one and a half hour with social media, TV, and etc. However, I have failed to attempt this solution as a result, staying up all night finishing an english research paper that had one month to fini... ... middle of paper ... ...pported me to finish the portfolio. As a result, having a calm day honouring his birthday. Procrastination is what hindered my performance on my assignment from high school year till now. However, my gaining the knowledge of what I should implement on my daily struggles with procrastination has elevated the problem thus enabling to solve the solution behind the dilemma. By acquiring the philosophy of tackling a vast amount of assignments instead of exclusively on one assignment has enhanced my production. In addition, visualizing the end goal and rewarding yourself to achieving inner sanctuary from my problem has strengthened the achievement of relaxation. Thus granting me to finish this assignment before it’s due date. As future reference, when facing great deal of tasks, I should use this paper as a path to guiding me to accomplishing my problems with homeworks.

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