Procopious's The Secret History: Justinian And Theodora

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Through history we can have learned many things of past civilization and learn the types of culture they were associated. However, little is known about what really happen during those historical times. Many account usually came from elite people who were mostly people that were highly educated and had riches. We can only assume that most of its true and we can only take much information to draw a conclusion. But when you have someone like Procopious author of The Secret History it changes everything of what we viewed of the Byzantine Empire. From this text historians have a different point of view through someone who able to reveal many secrets that were hidden away. It also creates the question to either take this text as something true…show more content…
In the text Procopious depicts Justinian and Theodora as incapable rulers of the Byzantine Empire. Always describing them as fools rather than giving them respect that the people of the empire such did. In some ways Procopious had many reasons to portray them in such a way due to the inadequate decision that Justinian executed and as well as the reputation that Theodora had. By asserting these remarks Procopious implies that he some sort of bad relationship between, but as he goes he never addresses his hate for them. The reason he that describe the emperor and the empress was due to both of them unable to agree on certain issues always consulting each other before making a decision.(Procopious,14) The most recurring act that he tells is that Justinian always found a way to bend the rules in favor for himself. In some cases stealing the money from the people and as far as bending the rules in marriage in order to be wedded with his wife Theodora. Because of his actions there…show more content…
Procopious specifically in the text signifies the role of women in men’s lives such as an advisor and as well as they were seen. As told before Theodora played role in Justinian rule as being an advisor, but signifies that women had as much power as the emperor even in some cases even more. As a result many decisions were a result of Theodora’s advising which reflected upon on Justinian. However, in some instances, it is shown that women were very manipulated and always getting what they desired. Procopious mention such act when his general Belisarious caught his wife,Antonina, having an intimate relation with Theodosius he didn 't do anything as far punishment. In such a weird way he accepted this because he saw that his wife was happy and didn 't want this news to surface in the public(Procpious,2).Even so he was unwilling to do so because he a strong attachment with Antonina. Which comes to another thing that Procopious touches upon and is the image that elite individuals. Belisarious although keeping this a secret surfacing to the public was still seen negatively from the people around him. This gave Belisarious a reputation of a coward and was even called by the Persian a man who does what a woman asks him to do( Procopious,6). Another thing in the culture of the Byzantine Empire was the acceptance of prostitution. Procpious reveals that most of the elites where involves with

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