Process of Improvement of Bugzilla

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Process Improvement

1) General Process Improvement

a) Use of Various tools

I believe that bugzilla was one the best tools I used during the Software Engineering course this semester. It really helped me to keep a track of the bugs and fix them in an orderly manner. Microsoft project was another tool which helped the whole team and more importantly it helped me to plan the project two weeks ahead. This really helped my team to stay on track and complete the bi-weekly assigned tasks. Visual Paradigm helped me really think of out of the box while designing the use case and sequence diagrams. COINCOMO was another tool which helped me to understand about cost and size estimation.


I believe that a brief introduction should have been given in the class as to how to use the COINCOMO software as I found it difficult to understand it initially and proceed with the homework.

b) Class activities

The Win Win Negotiations was the one of the best activity which enabled the team to negotiate with the client directly about the various requirements and functionalities. Kudos to the Professors and TA’s for introducing this. The team presentations helped me to improve my communication and presentation skills drastically.


Some of the in-class workshops required only one member in the group to speak or present about the exercise or the task given in front of the class. It would be a good idea for at-least 2 or 3 members to present the given exercise so that they can express their individual views as well. It would also be nice if a brief explanation could be given prior to the win-negotiation session, as to how to use the numbers on the poker cards. Some of my team members were confused initi...

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... our web site to handle at least 50 concurrent users before handing over it to the client.

Additional Suggestions:
1) I would like the University or the computer science department to provide about 7-10 GB of server space. It is not always feasible to use the free 5GB space on AWS.
2) I would also like the TA to create Sub Folders in the DEN discussion forum for different assignments and PC exercises, so that it is easy to find and respond to the doubts asked.
3) It would also be great if the homework’s and the assignments are graded as soon as possible, so that the student can perform well in the remaining assignments and make up the loss in previous assignments and get a chance to improve his/her grade.
4)Even though there was a lecture on testing, I would like the faculty to give an overview on the topics of delivery and software maintenance in a separate class.
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