Process Of Group Or Family Therapy

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During discussion board nine students were asked to post on the process of group or family therapy. Including in the post were the following topics; plans for starting group or family session, techniques for leading the group or family session, ways to appropriately end groups or family sessions, ideas for gathering client satisfaction, and possible group or family therapy “pitfalls”. This assignment coincide with the current practicum setting as the population being served often involves the family. Providing services to improve family stability whilst developing treatment and aftercare plans are some of the main goal at DCBS. Completing this assignment not only met the requirement for competency six but gave me a broader insight of competency six during the research process. Oftentimes, the general public think social work only involves working at micro and macro levels, however this competency allows the student to develop needed skills for working micro, mezzo, and macro. The Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) as provided me with the opportunity to work on all three levels as dealing with the family unit each day allows for practice in the micro setting, connecting/working with other agencies such as the school and hospitals is at the mezzo level whilst at the macro level DCBS is involves law enforcement, the judicial system and federal and state policies. Whether working with families or groups in therapeutic settings or on a micro, mezzo, or macro level DCBS allows the student to practice in a diverse and homogeneous setting with the client or family as an individual or group. As a result, the client/family is able to collaborate and provide a sense of mutual support in order to accomplish individual and collecti... ... middle of paper ... ...o improving the quality service that is provided to the client. SSW Bohannon reviews my work and provides positive feedback, which is quite valuable to a professional master’s level student since it supports me as a practicum student to not only learn what works, but also what we could do better, getting feedback from other people involved in a situation or case can be very informative. During the practicum, positive feedbacks that were task specific was given by the task supervisor and SSW Bohannon in regards to the supervised visits I’ve conducted and the typing of contacts and summary report. In conclusion, thoughts/feelings as it relates to progress made as a professional Masters level social worker in training include great field training, valued exposure to different client population, and the opportunity to use the educational knowledge in a practicum setting.

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