Process Evaluation Executive Summary

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Process Evaluation Executive Summary


A manufacturing company's success depends on its manufacturing system design. The concept of the manufacturing system design has been the fundamental driving force in the advancement of manufacturing, perhaps even civilization itself. For without this concept of manufacturing system design, manufacturing would still be trapped in the intellectual darkness of the middle ages. The invention of the forerunner of the modern factory 200 years ago was the first system design. Periodically, a new design concept sweeps through the industrial world, igniting the fires of better and more productive manufacturing systems. These modern systems are directly responsible for the improved standards of living in the world today.

The essential task of the manufacturing, planning and control system is to manage efficiently the flow of material, the use of people and equipment, and to respond to customer requirements by utilizing the capacity of the suppliers, that of internal facilities, and (in some cases) that of customers to meet customer demand. Important ancillary activities involve the acquisition of information from customers on product needs and providing customers with information on delivery dates and product status. The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief synopsis of the challenges Riordan is currently experiencing with information technology and what steps should be taken for improvement. IT developments will be examined, also key improvements that could be made to increase company productivity, increased collaboration, focusing on fast and easy access to customer and supplier information. Research has shown that by further developing our IT infrastructure, Riordan can stay competitive with the most up to date technology available in the field.

SR-rm-001 Process Evaluation Executive Summary

Currently Riordan Manufacturing has a common set of procedures in place for the management of raw materials, tracking products during manufacturing, and accounting for the finished goods. In an effort to streamline and improve processes, Mr. Hugh McCauley, COO has requested the development of specific system changes that will improve the inventory and manufacturing process. It has long been said that the Information Revolution will change the way organizations do business. In a world where time and information is money, information technology is critical to an organization's success and longevity. In order for Riordan Manufacturing to establish the organization as a leader and provide added value to customers, Riordan needs to evaluate their current business processes and learn how technology can scale operations in a cost effective manner at the same time focusing on using technology in areas that would provide immediate results.
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