Process And Process Of Upset Welding (UW)

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Upset welding (UW) is a welding process which makes use of the resistance offered by the two metals, which are to be joined, to electricity and thus helping the metals to be fused along the butt joint or over the area in which we should make the fusion. Pressure is applied to the joint in such a way that it’s application will enhance the welding process. An upset weld (source: Jefferson welding Encyclopaedia 18 Edition)

The welding process takes place in the solid state of both the metals that are to be joined. The input that is given is resistance heating to the metal at the joint. The heating is provided in such a way that the metal reaches its recrystallization temperature wherein the crystal structures of the
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The workpieces which are to be joined are fixed on the machine such that the fay surfaces touch each other.
2. Parts are to be clamped
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Current is provided by a resistance welding transformer. This transformer converts normal line power to high power current. No-load secondary voltages required ranges from about 0.4 to 8 V. The upset force applied can either be controlled automatically using pneumatics or manually by applying mechanically or hydraulically the required force.

• Fast process when compared to other welding processes.
• Can be used for any alloy which are difficult to weld using normal methods
• Have higher strength welds
• Due to non-melting process, properties of the base material are not altered.
• Can be used for joining very large structures to thin wires. • Permanent deformation on the welded body
• Initial setup cost is high
• Requires very high power supply on a continuous basis

• Used mainly in wire manufacturing industries.
• Used in joining bars, tubes etc. in industries so as to obtain the required length.
• Used in large structural fabricating industries.
• Used to join capsules, vessels, cylinders

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