Problems with Adolescents' Choices of Vocational Options in Ausubel's Theory and Problems of Adolescent Development

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The subject matter I have dealt with for this paper deals with the problems and implications facing adolescents and their future vocational decisions. This material is from a chapter in a book, written by David Ausubel#. There are many possible issues that can cause conflict in the aspect of adolescent choice for future employment. Some of the issues are simple, such as unrealistic goal placement and some of the obstacles are much deeper such as biological reasons. This paper will briefly summarize the material, present a personal opinion and then apply future inferences. He starts off by suggesting several core problems that adolescents face when deliberating or choosing vocational options. He lists full emancipation from the home, economic as well as psycho-sexual maturation, social recognition as an adult member of society, the establishment of an independent family unit, as well as desire and achievement for a stable if not an advantageous career. He goes into much greater detail concerning all of these factors but there are several base problems that stand in the way of most if not all of this list. The first thing he discusses is the problem of cultural or sex appropriate vocations. Depending on an individual’s socio-economic status as well as their culture and gender many jobs may seem out of reach or not possible, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, be too low on the vocational scale to consider. He mentions that an individual may experience a considerable amount of stress or anxiety in regards to these cultural and social boundaries. The next thing he considers is probably one of the key points is regards to this topic. It is the problem of realistic choices, goals and vocations and how wide of a gap there can be... ... middle of paper ... ... Another idea I had would be having a career day for each of my classes. This would be relevant to English because they would be researching, writing, collaborating and presenting their future aspirations. This would also be relevant because it would get them deeper into the process of all of the above mentioned factors as well as looking at colleges or tech schools and starting to consider and realize possible obstacles. The idea of problems in vocational problems in adolescents is certainly a relevant one and I am glad I explored this topic on a deeper level. I feel that with my understanding and future career as a teacher, I will be in a position to help youths in this area to the best of my ability, and certainly plan on doing so. Works Cited Ausubel, David Paul. Theory and Problems of Adolescent Development. 3rd ed. New York: Writers Club, 2002. Print. 470-480
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