Problems that Have been Caused by Excessive Underage Drinking

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In the United States, more than 88,000 deaths are caused or related to the excessive use of alcohol. 4,300 of those reported 88,000 casualties are young people under the age of twenty-one. Alcohol is the third leading cause of death among Americans. In the United States alcohol is the most popular overused drug amongst adolescents. Problems that have been caused by excessive underage drinking include but are not limited to physical assault, health problems, sexual assault, social issues, violence, misconduct and lawlessness, other substance abuse, and overdose. The Uniform Drinking Act, also referred to as the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, was syndicated by Congress under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan to prohibit youth under twenty-one from possessing, purchasing, or consuming alcohol. This law came about because of the several alcohol related fatalities involving young people under twenty-one. In 2007, the United States Surgeon General syndicated a Call to America to minimize and take precautionary measures due to the effects of underage drinking. “In the decades since the United States implemented the 1984 Uniform Drinking Act, there has been a reduction in youth alcohol use and a dramatic decrease in underage alcohol related traffic injuries and fatalities in the United States,” states Drew Saylor (p.330). It is because of these pressing matters that persons under twenty-one do not need to be allowed to consume alcohol, neither does the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) need to be altered. However, there are those who do not agree with the minimum legal drinking age. Presidents of over one hundred colleges and universities have signed what is known as the Amethyst Initiative since November of 2009. They con... ... middle of paper ... ...of alcohol policies at most colleges is limited, and colleges tend to focus their prevention efforts on educational programs for students. One national survey found that fewer than 1 in 10 underage students who drink alcohol reported experiencing any consequences for violating alcohol policies imposed by their college. If college presidents and administrators aren’t making sure that the MLDA is being properly enforced, how can they argue that it doesn’t work or needs to be modified? Binge drinking and alcohol abuse is a prevalent detriment on college campuses and does deserve to be dealt with, but lowering the age would only enable the situation to get worse. Instead of revising the MLDA it should be taken more seriously and implemented better on college campuses nationwide. “The simple fact is 21 saves lives and is, therefore, nonnegotiable.” (Dean-Mooney)

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