Problems of Teen Pregnancy Rates

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The teenage pregnancy rate has declined at a steady rate since the 1990’s, however it still remains the highest of any developed country in the world. Every year approximately 900,000 US teens get pregnant. Even though teen pregnancy rates have dropped 8% from 2010 to 2012, the problems around the issue have only continued to grow. People disagree about the impact and seriousness of teen pregnancy and the other potential problems society has to face. However, no one can argue that teen pregnancy is good for society, so attempts must be made to continue to decrease the teen pregnancy rate.

Although teenage pregnancy has continued to decline, the impact it has on society and families are still felt on many levels. The amount and future issues remain the same as in the 1990’s. High school dropout rates among teen mothers to be, lack of education and serious health complications for both the mother and the child. Lack of education makes it difficult for drop outs to find good paying jobs that are stable and long lasting. Serious and long lasting financial problems and stress placed on the families as a result of the social perception attached to teen pregnancies. Like most social issues, many solutions are available and considered to change the pathway of that issue. When considering the multiple solutions that already exist to teen pregnancy, three that should be better addressed are earlier education (ie middle school age) about preventing teen pregnancies, a more readily available counseling network on an anonymous and full time level, and finally, if the first two options are not addressed or utilized appropriately, then free contraceptives will be made more reliably available at local education centers for the at risk te...

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...early 50% since 1991, due to an increased availability of free contraceptives for teens.

Although we should find success in a declining teen pregnancy rate, more needs to be done. Based on the large social, economic and health costs that come from teen pregnancy, it is irresponsible to think the problem can just fix itself. Earlier education, preferably in middle school, about preventing teen pregnancies will possibly be the most effective solution. Having someone to talk to is also extremely helpful, so having available counselors on an anonymous and full time level that will be there for any teen who has questions, concerns, or needs advice on essentially anything, will be an advantage. Finally, if free contraceptives were made free and more available at the teens convenience, it has been proven that the amount of teenage births will go down greatly.

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