Problems from Outsourcing

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Problems from Outsourcing

The concept of outsourcing is actually ancient. Apart from cost

considerations and required expertise, we understand that nobody can

execute all tasks by himself. Outsourcing to others what they do more

efficiently is a successful management strategy. However, it doesn't

mean that outsourcing is 100% foolproof and doesn't have any

drawbacks. Indeed there are also certain Problems from Outsourcing

which exists, but if we see the trade-offs, we find it useful in many


Let's see some Problems from Outsourcing, how they crept in and what

should we do to overcome them. Offering web development services has

been problematic to many advertising agencies and design firms.

Offering web development services has been problematic to many

advertising agencies and design firms. Technical difficulties have

certainly created Problems from Outsourcing, but there have also been

barriers with regard to design, strategy, and making money on these

projects. In some cases these Problems from Outsourcing have been so

severe that the agency has made a conscious decision to avoid web work

altogether. Due to these Problems from Outsourcing some agencies have

not given up and continue to include web design services among their

capabilities. In these cases, technical complexities have forced

agencies to limit themselves to creating simple static HTML sites,

Flash sites, or limited database driven sites. Agencies are tough;

they will usually find a way to get things done despite of Problems

from Outsourcing. They are used to solving problems, and managing

their clients' needs. Nevertheless, web projects are typically among

the most problematic and ultimately least fun projects for most

agencies, and they often lose money. As a result of these Problems

from Outsourcing the web is usually not an area where agencies

aggressively solicit their client's business. At best it is a service

they're willing to provide, but on a limited and cautious basis.

Caution is always called for when discussing a client's web needs due

to these Problems from Outsourcing. It's certainly better to under

promise and over deliver than to promise capabilities that end up