Problems Of Remarriage

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Remarriage has been common since no-fault divorce. No-fault divorce helped to make divorce more accessible for suffering couples. The only problem is that some people are taking advantage of the remarriage ideal. Across the United States, there are no real caps on how many times one person can get married. Divorce, in the first place, hurts the sanctity of marriage as a whole. Becoming a widow is tough, but should that call for a new marriage? You outlived the love of your life, why try and find another one? Remarriage damages the sanctity of marriage, it can create lasting effects on children, and there should be a limit to how many times a person can remarry.
As a matter of fact, remarriage has not changed in its entirety in the past fifty
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For older couples, it is companionship. For others, it may be love. Many people report that after a divorce or death of spouse they find themselves in love again with another person. They find that their first love was not all it was cracked up to be. They are more likely to wait a longer time before they get married their second or third time in attempt to not make the same mistake as the first. They later find their new companions are more financially compatible with them. They see their new companions are more fit to be a parent than the last. Or that the new companion does well with children from previous marriages. The largest reason for remarriage is economical; people tend to look more for money the second time (Berlin). Matter of fact, a personal source has always used to tell me "the first marriage is for love and the second for money." Not the best way to go about a…show more content…
1/3 of Americans are in some type of "step-family". Although, remarriage shows no difference of self-esteem in children it shows more concerning issues. Most younger children do not have trouble adapting to a new family member, but some will start to question family settings as they grow older. It is adolescents who suffer the most and are at their most susceptible moments. Adolescents show that they have more academic difficulties after a parent is remarried. They feel that their parent is being taken away from them and begin to try and find different outlets for that attention. Many teens are more likely to give into peer pressure and increase bad behavior. It shows that girls with mother 's getting remarried are the most susceptible to begin doing drugs and drinking. Boys with mothers who remarry are more likely to do less of these things with a father figure in their life. The girl’s motherly attention has been abandoned while the boys gain a male figure. Remarriage can be very rough on children and spouses. Especially, when spouses do not get along with the children. Those who get along with their stepparents still have the underlying issue of the fact that they are really not their "parent". Many adolescents will lash out by stating that the stepparent does not have any real authority over them. It is smaller children who grow up with a stepparent who will recognize them as authority. All in all,

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