Problems In College Essay

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Being a new college student can be tough. Balancing new work levels, trying to manage your time & also getting enough sleep are the main difficulties for a new college student coming straight from high school in my opinion. These problems can be easily solved by going to class and using the resources that are provided to you. This may not seem difficult but in reality it 's right in front of your face.

As I started my first day at college I was very nervous just because of the new environment, new people, and the fact that I was living on campus. In highschool I always said my plans after high school would be for me to go to a four year university, but of course never thought it would happen. But it happened, I knew going to college was going to be the best thing for be to be successful in the future. Getting used to the new environment & being around new people was difficult, but by the first two weeks of college I felt like I knew everyone already.
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I would have to say that I’m a pretty funny person & make friends fairly easily. But sometimes i can over think the smallest situations. As I said above by the first two weeks I felt like I had known everyone. The biggest advice to incoming freshman is not to be afraid to make new friends, always be open to try new things & get involved as much as you can.

In college the workload tends to get tough. The key to success is time management. For me, when the workload gets tough I just think why I am here at college and what I came here to achieve. I always take time out of each day for studying because why come to college and not go to class? It pointless and a waste of time and money. Studying with other classmates & getting work done together definitely helps. Set goals for yourself while you 're in college, it may get stressful but there 's always time to take a nap or a break between classes just to
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