Problems Children Face: Obesity and Poverty

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During everyone’s life, everyone faces major problems in their lives. Have you ever taught how many different problems children face in their lives today? Children are dealing with so many problems such as obesity, single parent homes, drugs, and poverty. The major ones that are very important are obesity and poverty. Every child has to deal with these problems in their lives. Obesity can cause serious issues even as a child and later in adult hood. Poverty can affect how a child does in school, if someone is not doing well in school how will they ever be able to get out of poverty? Poverty and obesity are very large issues that children may have to face during childhood, a child’s life can be affected greatly by poverty, and obesity is a problem not only in performance in school but it affects a child’s health. Poverty is obviously a huge problem in our world. There are almost 50 percent of our children who are living in poverty (Stanberry, 2011). If a parent that they would consider poor, makes more than $22,050 they will not receive help from the government. This makes it hard for the family to make it, without help from the government only making a little over $22,050 a year. They need to support their kids as well (Stanberry, 2011). For an example the kids in the video of “Poor Kids”, these kids live the lives of really poor people, they are moving from place to place. They don’t have a home to live in, and moving from place to place does not allow them to go to school or stay at one school ("Poor Kids | FRONTLINE | PBS", 2012). School is affected by poverty (Horgan, 2007). Children may want or need to do after school activities, but their parents don’t have the money for them to do those type of things (Horgan, 2007). Acco... ... middle of paper ... ...ons/impact-poverty-young-childrens-experience-school Kamble, P., & Writer, S. (n.d.). Ten Solutions to Poverty | Arbitrage Magazine. Retrieved May 1, 2014, from KET | Kids' Health Specials | Childhood Obesity Prevention: Steps toward Solutions. (n.d.). Retrieved May 1, 2014, from Poor Kids | FRONTLINE | PBS. (2012, November 20). Retrieved May 1, 2014, from Standberry , L. (2011, July 26). Top 10 Issues Facing Our Youth Today | Retrieved April 30, 2014, from

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