Problematic Issues Caused by Acid Rain

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Problematic Issues Caused by Acid Rain

Acid rain has been problematic to the earth’s environment for many years in North America. What is Acid Rain? What causes Acid Rain? How is Acid Rain damageable to the Earths soil? Acid Rain is rain that contains a high concentration of pollutants, chiefly sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, released into the earth’s atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil. ( Acid Rain has been known to cause damage to vegetation and soils, animals and humans.

There are two types of Acid Rain: Wet Deposition and Dry Deposition. Wet Deposition refers to acidic rain, fog and snow. Dry Deposition occurs in dry climates, where acid chemicals may become incorporated into dust or smoke and fall to the ground through dry deposition, sticking to the ground, buildings, homes, cars and trees. (

Acid Rain was first observed in large areas that were destroyed by acidic precipitation around the 19th century. People had noticed that the plants in the forest were damaged. In the 1970’s, scientists had tested streams and lakes, finding particles of acidity in the water. Factory plants were burning coal as a resource not knowing that it caused sulfur dioxide that expands into the atmosphere creating pollution. During this era, the problem with pollution was extraordinary where it was not noticed at the local level, but it was noticed regionally. The American government immediately became involved by finding ways to stop the pollution.

In the 1980s, Congress passed two types of pollution acts in the United States. One was the Acid Deposition Act and the other was the Clear Air Act. The Acid Deposition Act is a program to research acid precipitation and to look at regions th...

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...trying to develop new techniques to control pollution and toxins that flow through the earth’s atmosphere. Forest and lakes are common areas that are affected by these particles. Hopefully within time, the help of electric cars, pollution can be tamed and Acid Rain would be less common. The help of Acid Rain being tamed, it would be less harmful to human’s health.

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