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Problem Solving I am a member of this fraternity and have recently come across a problem. The problem is that a video store is going to charge me fifty dollars for a movie that I rented for sigma retreat that was taken by one of then members of the fraternity when I accidentally left it in the VCR. I rented the movie on a Saturday night and it was due back the next night by 12:00 A.M. Since the movie was not returned on time, I was charged a late fee. After two weeks, the video store is going to charge me for the entire video. At this particulat point in time I can barely afford to buy food, so having to pay for a movie would hurt me bad. My roommate believes that I should just not worry about and pay the fine. In the short time I have been at the university of memphis and attended functions of the fraternity I have never before had a problem, so I hope this one can be solved immediately. I want to solve this problem in the best way possible, so I have three criteria for considering possible solutions. The first one is for the president of the fraternity to be notified. However the problem is solved, the president should still have knowledge of the whole occurrence. The second criterion is to approach each member of the fraternity I see. If every member of the fraternity knows that there is a tape missing then hopefully someone will realize who has it and ask them to return it to me. The third criterion for a good solution is for a note to be posted on the bulletin board in the fraternity house. It is important that everyone know that a tape is missing and since nearly every member looks at the board for vital information, the bulletin board is an excellent place to post a note. I have thought of two possible solutions for this problem that may fit these criteria. The first solution is for me to just go to the video store and pay for the video. This solution would be an easy way to prevent any turmoil in the fraternity, but would be a huge inconvenience for me. This solution also does not meet any of the criteria I set for solving the problem

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