Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.

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Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.

Since its foundation in the late 1800's, Harrison-Keys has enjoyed success and it has been one of the leaders in the publishing business; specializing in scientific, technical and business books and journals, etc. Yet, the new trends in the industry like competition from low-cost retailers are jeopardizing Harrison's leadership in the market. The Board of Directors have fired the recently appointed CEO, Meg McGill; who favored the digital era and wanted Harrison-Keys to implement an online store to begin selling digitalized copies of its books. To fill this position, William Guardo, a man with more than 30 year of experience in the industry was hired as the new CEO. William in contrary does not support the idea of an online store as he favors traditional publishing. (University of Phoenix, 2004).

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The problems for Harrison-Keys just keep mounting. Its long history of success is jeopardized as they are risking not only their reputation but also market share to other publishing companies. The new appointed CEO, William Guardo, whom is replacing Meg McGill as she failed to promote and deliver the idea of an online store where customers could buy digitalized copies of Harrison-Keyes publications instead of hard copies of these. Bill does not like the idea of this store; in fact, he has given the leadership team 30 days to accomplish the implementation plan or he will relocate funds and resources into other projects. William has over 30 years of experience in the publication business, however, he has a little high-tech experience and the new store might be out of his comfort zone and knowledge. However, the new CEO gives Harrison-Keyes the opportunity to use his extent expertise and vast list of contacts to effectively deal with the e-store. Jan Peters, Senior Vice President; is eager to be promoted and this is the perfect opportunity for her to do so. By letting the new CEO learn all the aspects and planning of the online store, and by making a successful implementation that meet all the goals stated. She has a very rigid timeframe; only 30 days to accomplish this and she needs to keep the same budget that was originally planned. It appears that everything is against this project but the possibility to come out triumphant will give Jan and the rest of the implementation team the opportunity to earn respect and recognition inside the company and probably the promotion that Jan is looking for but more important the big chance to become known in the industry as the team that was able to fix a project that everyone else thought is was a lost cause.
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