Problem Formulation

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4 Problem Formulation
4.1 Focus on function
Unsafe water is a leading cause of sickness and death world-wide. According to the United Nations, 4,400 children under the age of 5 die per year because of unclean water and sanitation. The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme indicated that 884 million people lack access to an improved water source. It is estimated that nearly 10% of the global disease burden could be reduced through improved water management.
When we think about the problem statement, unsafe water has the most focus upon it, one possible solution came to mind is purifying water.
After that death of people can be focused on, therefore poor sanitation, solution here can be improving medical care in poor countries. Vaccination against waterborne diseases can reduce the risk of death in those areas.
In other words the problem is lacking safe water .reducing need of water can be a solution if we define the problem drinking water. Farming workshops, make use of vegetation in those areas for planting fruits and vegetables with high water content.
Buying water from other countries and storing them may develop water resources of resource-poor countries. Transporting bergs to those countries may help solving the problem.
4.2 Formatting the real problem
4.2.1 Statement-Restatement Techniques Determining the real problem
As it seems the most important problem facing here is unsafe water, this can be stated as lacking of safe water.
Countries with poor resources have limited access to water so being able to purifier water in worse condition to a best drinking water, with least amount of waste in necessary.
These countries are usually among the poorest country in world so one of the important goals for engineering...

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...wo most important are affordable cost and higher percentage of filtration.
There are many other solution to problems, here there is list of possible solution and there disadvantages.

Figure ‎4.4 - Diagram of Decision Analysis Potential Problem Analysis (PPA)
For preventing the same problem in future we should make sure our water purifier works life time and the filter can be easily cleaned. No need to change the filter for continue using water purifier. Also it should purify water based on today’s highest standards to make sure there is no other waterborne disease in future. Here remains the problem of people already used unsafe water and are sick or sickness in on the way of happening, there should be health care and medicine available for them. We shouldn’t underestimate knowledge and keep people updated by mobile camps about water and health problems.
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