Proble Solving: OBTAIN System

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Problem solving and decision making is a part of everyday life. When a new problem is encountered it can be stressful if approached without a plan or in hast. Problem Solving One and Two introduced various methods of problem solving. Being accustomed to effective problem solving methods can have a positive impact with Eminence Operational and financial growth.
Obtain Process
The OBTAIN problem solving process is an easy approach to dealing with issues and problems that an individual can encounter in business. It is a simple systematic approach to problem solving that includes well-defined stages for the users to follow. These steps are called the problem solving process. This step by step process prevents the management team from speculating what the next phase is. This paper will show how the implementation of the problem solving process can help the Eminence team resolve the problems uncovered within the organization. The OBTAIN process is an acronym that is broken down into the following steps;
Part A:
1. O- Outline the Problem
2. B-Breakdown the Issue
3. T-Test the Hypothesis
4. A- Analyse the Problem
5. I-Imagine the Solution
6. N- Notify the Stakeholders
Part B:
1. Managing the Stakeholders
2. Managing the Team
There are several methods used to problem solve methods, the OBTAIN six-step process is just one of many. The problem that some organizations encounter is that they are unaware on how to implement a process to resolve their issues. Another problem that organizations encounter is that they not consistent in the way that they resolve their issues or problems.
Outline the Problem
The first step in the OBTAIN process is to outline the problem. During this stage the users identify the problem and s...

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The writing of the report should not be one person’s responsibility, because it is too big of a task. Like many of the aspects of the OBTAIN process the ideal way to approach this problem as a team, by dividing the responsibility (Weiss, 2011 pg. 105). An Action Plan is a step by step process that is presented to the stakeholders outlining deadlines for achievable organizational goals. The major aspects of an Action Plan are the activities/task, time frame and funds that are allocated to task (Managing the Team, 2014).
The action plan created for Eminence shows that there are two strategies.
• Strategy 1. Implement internal change.
• Strategy 2. Implement external change.
The Action plan was developed through careful consideration of the information and ideas that were previously gathered from the brainstorming process.
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