Probabilistic Structural Analysis Theory

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In the probabilistic approach, a probability of failure is obtained by treating all of the design parameters as variables and their analysis. The probabilistic structural analysis methodology makes use of the conventional structural analysis methodology in conjunction with statistical characterization of geometry, material behavior, applied loading , and expected environment, and is capable of producing: • Safety/Risk quantification • Design variable sensitivity analysis • Scenarios for Cost/weight reduction. • Optimum interval for inspection. ` GENERAL CONCEPT. Basing the design criteria on reliability targets instead of conventionally basing it on deterministic criteria is the basic principle involved in a Probabilistic Design. Design parameters such as material strength, operational parameters and applied loads are statistically defined after being thoroughly researched and/or measured. Then to yield the failure probabilities a probabilistic analysis model is developed for the entire system and solutions performed. A number of locations and failure modes are included in the ...
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