Pro-Longed Hours. Big Benefits.

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Pro-Long Hours. Big Benefits. A growing trend noticeably increasing in the medical field is plastic surgeon—the practice of restoring or enhancing the physical appearance of the body. This job requires the right personality and techniques from a doctor but is overall rewarding and something to aspire to. The correct information and the insight from an elite surgeon working in today’s medical environment can emit inspiration for those wanting to be involved in this field. History Even though plastic surgery is most popular in today’s society, the idea that the practice goes as far back as 3400 B.C., is often misconstrued. It is believed that ancient Egyptians were the first to preform plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes. The trend quickly spread to India by 800 B.C. when physicians began using skin grafts (replacing damaged skin with healthy skin) to repair facial injuries, a procedure that spread to Europe by the 1700’s. up until the 1900’s, plastic surgery expanded and improved as physicians began to follow this practice and make many new discoveries and enhancements in the medical field. By 1930, the American Board of Surgeons established a new board—American Board of Plastic Surgery—dedicated specifically to its name. Twenty years later, plastic surgeons designed a form of “internal wiring” to restore damages and deformities. Plastic Surgery made its public debut in the 1960’s when the use of silicone, a material used for the improvement of body imperfections, became widely known; but then banned in 1992 because the safety of the material was questionable. During the 1980’s, plastic surgery continued to expand its popularity with the public and the demand for physicians specialized in the practice snowballed. Toda... ... middle of paper ... ...w, Dr. Randolph had this to say: “My job is one of those that will always be around because it will always be needed. It takes a lot of hard work and the right personality but the benefits are endless. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. With that being said, you can aim as high as you want, but it takes determination to reach it,” a quote that I will definitely cherish the rest of my life. Works Cited Biologist.” Career Cruising. Anaca Technologies, n.d. Web. 15 June 2010.17 November 2011 "Cosmetic Surgeons." Encylopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance. 13th ed. Vol. 2. New York: Ferguson, 2005. 651-656. Print. 5 vols. Medical Resource Group, LLC. "Top 10 Medical Schools." StudentDoc. N.p., 2011. Web. 20 Nov. 2011. top-10-medical-schools.html>. Randolph, Geoffrey M., MD. Personal interview. 19 Nov. 2011.

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