Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

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Is abortion right? Should it be legal? The arguments and laws for abortion have been going on since the early eighteen hundreds. Some people believe that the woman having the baby should be able to choose to have an abortion or not. More arguments arose about when a fetus was considered a baby and, if legal, when is abortion appropriate. Another major argument regarding abortion is whether or not a fetus can feel pain. Others think that they should have the baby and either keep it or give it up for adoption. Arguments continued and caused people to split into two different groups: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. The Pro-Choice group believes women should be able to choose to have an abortion and it should be legal. Pro-Life is the complete opposite. They believe that abortion is murder and should be illegal for everyone. I am Pro-Life. Abortion is completely wrong and shouldn’t be legal or even thought of. My main reason is because abortion is immoral and to go through with an abortion takes away life. Taking a life is murder and is against the law and isn’t right. Not only does it take a life, the health risk is very high and there is more risk having an abortion than there is giving birth. Instead of taking a life the women have many other options to choose from. Morality is my biggest and strongest argument toward abortion. The main argument between supporters and the opposition is the question “when is the fetus a human”. Science has proven that life begins at the time of conception and not at birth. Professor Hymie Gordon, of the Mayo Clinic, states “By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.” Pro-Choice supporters believe that life begins at birth. Lewis Wolpert states “... ... middle of paper ... ...a mistake that thousand and millions have made and can’t take back. Some of the women that get abortions are lied to and told that abortion is normal and that's a big problem. Stephanie Williams states, “I was deceived because I was not told the truth about what an abortion means to the life of an unborn baby. I was not told that at 10 weeks (which is when I had my abortion) my child was already fully formed. I was made to believe that I was doing something that was as natural as going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning.” She was not told that the unborn child that was in her was already fully formed and that abortion was the same thing as killing it. All of this can lead to thoughts of suicide, nightmares, and even eating disorders. Works Cited "Abortion" 4 June 2013. Web. 15 Apr. 2014. .

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