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If at all possible, why not raise the U.S.’s GDP? The issue of immigration is one that has been known to generate disputes between two or more parties. Throughout the duration of this essay our group takes the affirmative stance on the account that the U.S. should open its borders (except for National Security concerns) and more easily allow immigrants to enter the U.S., attain legal living status, and attain legal working status. We have found evidence that there are various statistical factors that prove that immigration has economic benefits for the sake of our nation.

Background Information (Literature Review)

The main component for our argument in favor of expansive immigration reform is written by the recently appointed senator Larry Obhof. In his article “The Irrationality of Enforcement? An Economic Analysis of U.S. Immigration Law” he argues in favor of an immigration law properly utilizing the cost and benefits of a border control that will allow for more immigrants to legally enter the country easier. If this “no illegal immigrants” policy continues than Americans can and will be hurt by it. In addition, immigrants seeking to escape to a better life will also be negatively affected. Senator Larry Obhof believes that having more immigration can be helpful because it allows for more labor within the workforce, new human capital to the United States, and give American employees access to a different culture in the workplace. Senator Obhof has some splendid ideas and methods on how immigration should be further legalized in the United States and where it can positively affect the economy as a whole. The native-born population presently working in the economic industry have seen an increase in the efficien...

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... remain poor. Immigrants are a huge asset to the nation, and the small costs are for the greater good of everyone involved in the economic system.


The issue of immigration is so commonly debated due to the weight of its importance of daily lives. For those economists that are concerned with the quality of the workforce, searching for new and innovative ideas for the U.S. Firms, looking to conduct new skills and training for native coworkers, as well as wish to advance the measure of diversity in the workplace, they are the ones fighting for fewer restrictions on immigration control. With our economy and technology growing consistently rapid, the winner in the end of the race to success is the most educated empire. Fewer restrictions on immigration will surely add a considerate amount of human capital. If at all possible, why not add merit to the U.S.?
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