Pro-Death Penalty

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There are a total of 3,350 inmates currently on death row. These people include all of the main races in America. In 1965 Robert Massie murdered a mother of two in California during a robbery. Mere hours before he was scheduled to be executed. A stay was issued so he could testify, he had found evidence to support his cases and got parole and a second chance. Eight months later he robbed and murdered a businessman in California. This is a obvious that the death penalty should not be abolished, better yet supported in all states. The death penalty will prove to all mentally unstable criminals the horrors of death and will force them to face it eye to eye if they choose to commit the crime.

Capital punishment is active in 36 states. 10 of those states have 100 or more inmates on death row. ?Over the past decade the murder rate has dropped dramatically?(Elliot, David/Marquis, Joshua). This is a rather obvious reason why the death penalty is working. The percentage of murder rate per 100,000 were between 4.5-6.8. Even though the south had the highest murder rate, they were executing the most. Texas had a staggering 405 executions since 1976. 26 of those executions were in 2007. Obviously by this information it shows that states are doing what is right to show their criminals to think twice whether they should commit the crime or not.

A rather interesting fact is that 57% of inmates executed were white rather than black. Blacks are often commit more murders than whites but still whites are put to death. The reason is that blacks often commit small murders while whites commit large scale murders and sometimes a massacre. A prime example is the shootings at Virginia Tech. The culprit was Asian. Asians account for only 7% of inma...

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...annot be executed. The law was only reinstated in 2005, so 22 defendants have been executed as juveniles.

America has been split in the region where executions have happened. The south claims 901 executions. While the northeast has only 4 executions. The two oddballs out are Texas and Virginia which are in second with 503. Texas alone has 405 executions while Virginai has 98. Every state has at least 1 execution. While 42 have more than or equal to 2 executions.

In conclusion is still active in many parts of the world including US. Nobody deserves to die unless they have committed a act of hatred toward humanity or a sign of obvious mental problems. Thus the death penalty will once and for all prove to mentally unstable criminals the true horrors of death and will literally force them to face it eye to eye if they choose to commit the crime.
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