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Should people strive to better themselves? Or should people learn to appreciate the things they have and who they are. This essay is about why I beleive that people should strive to better themselves, as well as considering the things they have and the person they are already. As well as presenting my personal opinion, this essay will explain why striving to better yourself is superior to merely learning to appreciate the things you have and who you are.
You should better yourself because every person in life should at least try to better something about themselves. No one in the world can ever be perfect but not being perfect does not stop you from bettering yourself. "As long as a person doesn’t wish to be transformed into someone else, but rather refine certain pieces of themselves, then they will transcend the average. So give it all you’ve got, dream big, take risks, and cherish every moment as you advance and mature into a better you"(1). Everyone has some type of issue holding them back, whether it is an anger issue, an anxiety, a phobia, etc. You should always try to do your best to improve upon your issues which will make you a better person. Not only is it good for you, but it can also be good for others and it can help you further along down the road in life.
While you should strive to better yourself, you must also appreciate the thing you have as well. Bettering yourself does not mean that you either want more or are “greedy”. You need to appreciate everything you have in life. If you don’t then you are considered greedy, and no one wants to truly be greedy. But you can appreciate everything you have and still better yourself. You should appreciate yourself, your family, and your property. That appreciation is what b...

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... the things you have is definitely beneficial because it makes you not so greedy and/or not wanting more, or needing more.I would like to share my views on the topic at hand.In my opinion people should accept who they are and not try to change. I do believe that they should strive to better themselves but only in physical ways Appreciating who you are is an important thing not only for yourself but as well as for others and your daily life.



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