Pro-Choice Doesn't Mean Pro-Abortion

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Abortion is one of the most contentious and talked about topics of our time. It is discussed in classrooms, work places, on the internet, and now among government officials. Abortion has been a very controversial subject over the past couple years. This is mainly because there is no middle ground; a person is either pro-life or pro-choice. The effects abortion has on people can be very severe but commonly go unnoticed. Although abortion causes a great deal of negative effects on our society, it is nearly impossible to create a solution due to the large variety of opinions and values for and against this extremely controversial subject. Abortion can affect a person, physically, mentally, economically, and is still seen as a point of opinion and the power of choice. The physical effects of abortion are the most predominate effects and are usually the most talked about. Although the media reports on the obvious physical affect that abortion brings to the fetus, which is inevitably death, they do seem to forget the side effects that the mothers experience. Most of the procedures that doctors are perform, are rough on the woman’s pubic area; this causes minor or major damages to the mother during the abortion process. Some of the minor side effects a woman may feel are soreness, causing them to be immobile for a short period of time, bruising, and slight bleeding. Bleeding is one of the most common side effects that a woman may experience and will usually occur right after the procedure is performed. If an abortion is not done correctly it will be followed by many complications. Infections are the most common complication caused by abortion that a mother will experience after an abortion. According to David C. Reardon, Ph... ... middle of paper ... ...ley abortions performed, causing many physical complications. Abortion itself has split up the country into two different sides; pro-life or pro-choice. All of these effects are negative and have cause a great debate among our society. Abortion is a controversial topic that cannot be taken lightly. Works Cited (2007, October). American pregnancy association. Retrieved from (2009). Get "in the know": questions about pregnancy, contraception and abortion. Retrieved from Munthe, C. (2009). Abortion: from ethics to politics. Retrieved from Reardon, PhD, D.C. (2000). A List of major physical sequelae related to abortion. Retrieved from

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