Pro Assisted Suicide

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Death With Dignity

Today, American society is obsessed with the young and successful and their endless

pursuit of beauty, fame, and fortune. People are bombarded with images of youth in movies,

music, and ads for ordinary items such as toothpaste. Advertisers create the illusion that people

can forever defer death by plastering ?anti-aging? across drugstore aisles to sell their products. In

the search for eternal youth, people become desensitized to the importance of life?s inevitable

end. Every day, countless people quietly pass away after long and painful struggles with terminal

illnesses, and their loved ones are often reduced to helpless observers. Terminally ill patients are

not merely a statistic; they are mothers, fathers, children, friends, and lovers who leave behind

many distraught loved ones in death. By continuing to prohibit assisted suicide, the law denies

many terminally ill patients the peaceful death they desire. Instead, patients must waste away

slowly and endure constant pain, unless they have powerful and expensive medications to dull

their senses. However, no amount of medication can remedy emotional pain, and patients

sometime feel helpless and alone because death is their only release from suffering (Girsh 3).

The law cannot rightfully ignore the special circumstances of terminal illnesses and deny people

a dignified death simply because they retain brain function. Terminally ill patients need an

option to prevent spending their final days, months, or years painfully deteriorating as they

approach their inevitable deaths.

Throughout the controversy, the public has focused on moral aspects of assisted suicide

and overlooked the fact that one form has already been in practice for nine ye...

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...situation of terminally ill patients over their personal

convictions and abolish the boundaries keeping them from having a peaceful end to their lives.

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