Pro- Abortion and the Rights of the Mother

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Abortion is a controversial subject in today’s world. One side believes that taking away the right to have an abortion is taking away the rights of the mother. On the other hand people view abortion as the innocent killing of a human being. (p.31OpposingViewpoints) The Roe vs. Wade trial declared the procedure a “fundamental right” on Jan. 22 1973(p.7RoeW.Wade)The mother has the right to choose what is best for her baby. Abortion is justified because it could be in the family’s best interest (p.103OpposingViewpoints). We can all agree that no women should be forced to be a mother.
A baby should not come in the world unwanted. ( 49% of all babies come into the world unwanted. ( rates are higher for unwanted children.If a child feels unwanted or neglected, then they might become involved in illegal or dangerous activities. The lack of love from the parents can push them to hang out with negative groups of people. All children should be raised in a financially stable home. If the parents are unable to provide financially for their child they may feel like an unfit parent. ( argue pregnant women will result in illegal abortions if no legal options are allowed. ( a child is an important lifelong decision that requires planning and preparation.
Person hood begins at birth not conception. ( Abortion is the termination of the pregnancy, not of a baby. ( child is not fully developed until the third trimester of the pregnancy. Abortion is a personal and private decision for both parents. Bringing a baby with life threatening or severe problems to full term is too much for some families to handle. The right to an abortion gives the parents an option to mak...

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...on religious beliefs. The sixth commandment states “thou shall not kill”. ( Does abortion become more easily accepted if you are a victim of rape, or are there any justifications? Nobody should be forced to be a mother.

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