Privilege In Society Essay

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In the American society we have what we call privilege. People are discriminated on due to their gender, age, race and many more. Not a lot of Americans like to accept the idea of privilege and the advantages that some people have over another. However, when it is often brought up, people like to change the topic. Is it really fair that some people get a head start over another? Privilege is actually when not everybody has the same access to things. Some examples of privilege depends on race, ethnicity, gender, age, physical ability, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, language, and learning abilities. It is not fair to people because some are born with things that they cannot change or are frowned upon because, that is who they are. There are many institutions in our society that reinforce privilege such as school, work, home, healthcare and even the government. Some people cannot afford to go to better schools…show more content…
Those kids do not get as good as an education because schools do not have the extra funds for learning tools and children may not even be able to be involved in extracurricular activities because they may have been cut due to low incoming funds or maybe because ether parent cannot afford such activities. Many employers discriminate potential new hires based on their gender and race. It is not fair that a white male will get hired over another man because of the color of his skin or get hired just because he is a man. Within companies, females are known as the second sex. Men are the default and women are known as others. Women are marginalized just because we have different genitals. Females get treated differently in the home and growing up than maybe how their brothers do. If it is the different chores we have to do, they usually end up getting divided between the sexes. In healthcare
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