Privatization in the Philadelphia School District The True Key to a Democratic Society

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The United States has an outstanding history of Democracy. Our country prides itself on personal freedoms including, but not limited to, the freedom of speech, education, religion, etc. These freedoms allow for individual thought, choice, and pursuit of happiness. The birthplace of these taught freedoms first take root in early education, religion, and family. All of these influences mold democratic citizens that participate and decide the future of our country. One of the most important factors in creating democratic members of society is education. All individuals participate in schooling whether it is public, parochial, or private. Because education is not stated in the constitution it is controlled by the state. For example, the Pennsylvania General Assembly controls our own education in Pennsylvania (Dennis, 2000). With the control of education in the hands of the state how can education be diverse? Diversity breeds progress. The state often uses education as means of control, teaching single views and coaching individuals on proper citizen etiquette. Max Stirner talks about two types of wheels in the head that education can create, a “freeman” and an “educated man”. For the educated person, knowledge is used to shape character; it becomes a wheel in the head that allows the person to be possessed by the church, state, or humanity. For the free person, knowledge is used to facilitate choice. (Spring, 2008, p.75) In the instance of The United States and state regulated education, more often than not an “educated man” is created. An assembly line of cookie cutter men and women easily controlled and manipulated are the product of state regulated education. No real specific needs are met and education is depersonalized. John ... ... middle of paper ... ...eeds freedom because without it there can be no growth in human wisdom and invention and, consequently, no progress in economic development. In the Letters, freedom of thought and speech is declared a right that should be abridged only to protect the freedoms of others: “Without Freedom there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech: Which is the right of every Man, as far as by it he does not hurt and control the Right of another.” … “Is the only Check which it ought to suffer, the only Bounds which it ought to know.” (Spring, 2008, p.69) This excerpt describes Cato’s Letters written by John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon. The two make a powerful and insightful point on why we need freedom of thought and speech. The two state that liberty is the product of true freedom of speech that is not controlled by another.

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