Privatization Of Privatization

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People are still unaware of certain changes that are constantly taking place around them. A number of changes have been adopted in the recent times. The sectors like the public, private and the government which were earlier kept distinct has now been merged in order to efficiently perform their duties. Though, masses are still not sure as to which services are being offered directly by the government and those which are being offered by private entities. Partnerships between these entities are coming to the forefront in ensuring that they are equally benefitted. The question that still arises is that, should government services be privatized.
Privatization has been defined as the way in which a publicly owned entity is transferred into the hands of a private organization. Privation of government services do have similar meaning whereby the services are transferred into private hands
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Along with the assets the responsibilities that come along with it are even bestowed on them (Nichols, 2016). The method of auction to sell an entire government entity in the hands of a private investor is often accepted to be the best method of privatization in a complete way.
(b) Semi-Privatization: This takes place when only the operations and the managerial responsibilities are given to a private sector by the government. This works best in the maintenance of sports grounds, toll bridges, etc. In this form the benefits raised from these services are received equally and the maintenance work too is divided between the private organization and the government sector.
(c) Contract Basis: This process is not actually privatization. In these types of services, the government pays for the service that it takes from the private institution. The private organization too has certain obligations that it needs to follow while working as a government

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