Private Schools vs. Public Schools

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Plato said, "You must train the children to their studies in a playful manner, and without any air of constraint, with the further object of discerning more readily the natural bent of their respective characters" (Plato). Education has increased as a topic of conversation among parents in America today. The importance of a good education has increased in value, and parents are searching for the best possible school for their child in preparation for college. Many believe the most opportune way for their child to succeed in studies is by attending a private school. On the other hand, another group of parents thinks that public schools are the better route. Nevertheless, public schools have been proven to be more successful in the education of a maturing child.

Students who attend public schools are faced with many different challenges that differ in comparison to a private school student. Whereas, many private schools are small in population, public schools usually have a larger number of students resulting in a great diversity of pupils. Students from every race, culture, and religious background come together in one school system. This diversity allows students to develop ways of associating with many different people that would not typically be found in a private school. Learning how to deal with others, no matter what their race, culture, or religion, is a vital asset to learning how to work with others in the future.

Private school teachers have been shown to be less qualified teachers that many public school teachers. Some of the most interesting contrasts explain private schools have fewer minority teachers and principals, public school teachers appear to be more education than private school teachers, a...

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... agrees with Mrs. Dyckman explaining, "I don't think that just because you pay money for something makes it better. There isn't a better place for my daughter to be going to school than here" (Wilkenfeld par. 13). In fact, on average, private schools aren't any better than public schools, or so says a new book on the subject, All Else Equal: Are Public And Private Schools Different.

In conclusion, several points could be drawn on the issue of public schools versus private schools. Nevertheless, statistics, reports, and articles are continually explaining that private schools are mostly equal or less qualified than public schools. Parents should be educated in this matter. If more parents knew about the comparison of public schools to private schools, more families would be able to offer their children a better education and future for a cheaper price.
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