Private Schools And Public Schools

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Charter schools are public schools that are publicly funded, usually locally, and are established by teachers of the school, parents of attending children, or even community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority. Public charter schools are intended to improve our nation in the terms of the public schooling system. Charter schools are public schools even though operate independently of school district, they do not discriminate against students and, as stated above, they are publicly funded based on enrollment. Charter schools seem to be the better choice due to consistently deliver higher test scores than public schools. Unlike private schools, which also deliver higher level of education, charter schools are paid for by tax dollars and are free and open to all parents, so in turn it gives a student the chance to get a private school education, while not having to pay the cost of Private schools. Vouchers shouldn't be given to Private schools due to the difficulty of Public schools. Public schools have to except anyone, they cannot turn anyone due to test scores, race, or any discriminatory reasons, while private schools can be as discriminative as they wish. Public schools also have a harder time paying off books, teachers, classrooms, and other educational expenses. Also, giving Vouchers towards a Religious private school could violate the first amendment in a sense of separation of state and church. Public schools are subject to government oversight and more rules & regulation. There for there will be tighter control placed on the teaching methods and system of education in public schools. Private schools get little to no oversight and with little or no oversight, private schools will perform ...

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...I first read this caption, I believed that recycling would be the solution to all of the trash problems, but instead it was quite the opposite. Many people also believe that sending the trash into space will be our best option due to the trash build up on Earth, but the trash and debris already in our orbit is high enough. Another solution which was stated was sending the trash into the sun. Though, this seems like a great idea, due to the sun's power to burn the trash, the ability to get close enough to the sun without anything else trying to reach there as well, seems impossible. I think that the best solution to trash build up would have to be creating our trash into useful energy. The decomposition of trash could help provide energy to help with everyday life. Therefore, energy will help create many things electrical wise and it will be resourced again.
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