Private School is a Better Option for Students and Parents

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Students that go to private schools say that they are very happy and feel like they are getting a better education so do the parents. A lot parents say they love the options and advantages private school has to offer. Rather then what public school can offer their students. Private school offers a smaller environment for better education, freedom of religion and has better control of the classroom. Theses are qualities, which most parents want to instill in their students.
Being in a smaller environment allows for better education. The good thing about a smaller environment is it gives students time to understand what they are doing. Having time to ask their questions to make sure they understand. Many know that private schools are a year ahead of public school, “Many parents who return their children to public school soon miss the private school advantages. They immediately learn that their children are well ahead of their classmates” (wise geek). With that student are taking classes a grade ahead of their grade. Going into details about better education, private schools offer advance classes. “Private schools benefit students by fostering academic excellence, high achievements educating a child with in a values based setting” (CAPE). With the advancement of the classes “ Private school score surpassed SAT with a combined 1550 in all 3 subjects” (CAPE). The advance classes have an advantage to it some students may have already taken it. Which in turn puts the students at an advantage of being able to take another class instead.
In the small environment of private schools, they have smaller classes. Many parents want their students to be able to optimize their learning as much as they can. Many send their students to private ...

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...rparts on standardized achievement tests” (CAPE).
In closing, private school is a better choice for parents when choosing where to send their students. It can cost more, but has a better pay off for students who have been sent to a private school. The students have been taught the skills and tools needed to know how to succeed in the world. Parents who put their students in private school gain the benefits of being in a smaller environment and participating in advance classes. Students also get to openly talk about religion and about how other religions work. Private school has a better learning environment with out packed classes, full of students not understanding. Private school allows a certain amount of students in each classroom. Putting students in private school will give them the better advantage in life, to do what they have set out to do with their life.
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