Private Inequality In Singapore

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The phenomenon of private tuition has raised a furore in Singapore especially in the recent years. There have been many debates in the public sphere and the Parliament of Singapore about the significantly huge number of students enrolling in tuitions despite Singapore having one of the best education system in the world. Private tuition used to be provided for students who are academically poorer in their studies, however most students nowadays are also taking up tuition classes regardless of their academic capabilities. Private tuition seems to have become a necessity for students. And this has led to concerns being raised with regards to this problem.
Firstly, private tuition can contribute to the worsening of social inequality in Singapore. According to Professor Bray, “The shadow system [private tuition] maintains and exacerbates inequalities.” (as cited in M. Nirmala, 2013, p A20) The richer families can easily get a better tuition for their children while the poorer families will find it difficult and pressured to get their children enrol in tuition in order to keep up with the rest on getting good grades. The fact is that not every family can afford to send their children to a prestigious tuition thus the gap between the rich and the poor will be widen further. For example, the poor in the developing country do not have the financial capabilities to enrol their children to schools while the rich can afford to finance their children to the best education. Children from the poorer families will remain uneducated and poor, not to mention their next generation who will be facing the same problem in the future. The educated children from the rich will ultimately grow up to be future elites and their children will also follow the...

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