Private Health Care Essay

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Health care is the protection of health, it is the treatment and organisation of illnesses. This is through the many professions within a healthcare system; medical, dental, pharmaceutical, nursing and allied health professions. Health care holds all the goods and services intended to promote health, including;
“Preventive, curative and palliative interventions, whether directed to individuals or to populations” (Folland, et al, 2006)

The market of healthcare is classed as a crucial aspect in society, it is an obligation that the public need to make sure they preserve good health. Health care as a service is not consumed because it provides a consumer with contentment whether it is painful or not, as the individual wants to retain good health.
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This is known to be the most effective healthcare as it is known to have a quicker service and better technologies. (Ham, C 2009) The US healthcare market is different from the UK as the US is the only is the only country within which the market plays a substantial role in the delivery of health care services; all other countries have one form or another of universal, publicly supported health care. (Blendon et al, 2009) Over half of the US healthcare is private services, most individuals believe that private health care characteristically offers citizens more choice and better quality of care than public provided health care. They believe that care provided by private sector will have better effects in the future. (Amelung,…show more content…
However to overcome this problem universal healthcare could be used. Universal health care is the theoretical system of providing healthcare to anyone, anywhere by removing limitations of time and locations while increasing both the coverage and the quality of healthcare. It will increase the service, reduce the cost of medical and allow those who have no finance to receive proper care. (Varshney,
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