Private Education in Comparison to Public Education

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A. Many of us in this room attended a private high school or some form of private schooling, what if I were to tell you that the number of private schools in America are decreasing as well as their enrollment?

B. Thesis: Environment plays a role in our learning, and the environment found in private schools are much better when compared with public schools.

C. Reason to listen: We are all students. And education past, present, and future has an impact on us all. In our future when it comes time to choosing schools for our kids we’ll want to have the option to send them a private school since there environment is better suited for academic success. But if nothing is done to keep private schools around, we may not have that option.

D. Credibility: I’m able to talk to you all about this today because firstly, I am a student like all of you so this information affects both me, and all of you. I also have collected data from sources such as CAPE (Center for American Private Education), The Center for Education Reform, Articles from the Huffington Post.

E. Main Points: Today, I will talk to you about the benefits of private high schools. I then will discuss how private school students are better prepared for college, and then address to you the entire problem that private schools across America are being faced with.

II. Body

A. Benefits of Private School

1. It is seen and proven that private school environments lead to higher academic success. And I will show this to you today by comparing statistics of private vs. public schools.

a. There have been higher test scores collected from standardized testing in private schools.

i. According to the National Assessment for Educational Progress: Standardized test scores from the ...

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