Privacy and Security in Social Networking Sites

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In today’s society, privacy, security, and convenience has turned into a paradoxical issue dealing with the information age (Barnes, 2006…). In fact, one of the primary driving instruments are the usage - and rise – of social networking sites such as: Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Having said that - and considering these networks gather considerable amounts of information about its users, the idea of securing your information is momentous.

For example, Facebook Timeline – much like other social network websites – has adjustable settings that permit you to alter your security settings in order to restrict or not restrict your information at any given moment. The first aspect deals with limiting the amount of information you share publicly, whereas the second deals with providing full transparency to the information you share. As a result – and because these options deal with convenience aspects, our next concluding paragraph will focus on the risks-and-advantage analysis dealing with public-and-insecure modus operandi (Definition…).

To demonstrate, two advantages of running Facebook Timeline insecurely and publicly are: Users are able to like and appreciate the information you share such as mutual interests, shared values, and expressions, whereas another advantage deals with formulating friendships and relationships contrast to transcending physical boundaries. In other words, users are able to be easily informed - about the lives of other people – and what goes on with others who are physically distant. However, despite the advantages of running Facebook Timeline publicly, there’s also the risks as well.

As way of illustration, two primary risks associated with an insecure transparent account are: The ability to be stal...

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...ged the rights and liberties of individuals, their happiness could have been compromised – as it might have been an inconvenience for them to email their colleagues utilizing pass-key’s 24/7.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the left section provides several options for you to modify such as: general, security, privacy, timeline and tagging, blocking, and several others.
  • Analyzes's "secure mail for gmail" in chrome web store.
  • Explains that privacy, security, and convenience has become a paradoxical issue dealing with the information age. despite the advantages of running facebook timeline insecurely and publicly, there's also the risks.
  • Explains how to secure a facebook timeline account by navigating with the mouse to your actual profile.
  • Explains barnes, susan b., "a privacy paradox: social networking in the united states," in modus operandi in oxford dictionary (american english).
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