Privacy and Ethical issues with Google Glass

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Google Glass is wearable computer, looks like a pair of glass which has high resuloution optical head-mounted display (OHMD). As its name suggests it has been developer by Google in one of their research and development project called “Project Glass” [1]. The product has been designed to be a ubiquitous computer displays information, communicate via Internet and interact with the user by natural language voice commands that starts with “ok glass”. Google glass use Android operating system and is equiped with 12GB of usable memory storage, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and 5 megapixel camera capable of shooting 720p videos. The device allow users to capture picture, record videos, connect to internet, upload images and videos, and interact with social networks and her mobile phone [2]. Consumer version of Google glass will be available on the retail market in early 2014.
Google glass capabilty to augment reality makes it probable to become widely used and be one of the most promising ”wearable computing” device. The augmented reality in google glass can be used in practical scenarios such as translating and presenting text to the user in realtime, or can be used as navigation system by showing location of the user on the map.
According to Mann, inventor of EyeTap which is smiliar to Glass, these devices affect both privacy and secrecy by introducing a two-sided surveillance and sousveillance [3]. There has been varoius concerns regarding privancy intrution and ethical implications of device uage in public and recording people without their permission, possible privacy violation by google, security breaches and others.
This essasy study the privacy threats presented by Google Glass, particulary unauthorized tracking...

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