Privacy Of Privacy

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In some cases, one of the things that people do is to dispose of incriminatory objects, documents or things related to drug use, they often believe that evidence will not be found or do not take into account if there is a law enforcer who may take advantage of the situation. People are not aware that the law can use garbage obtain a search warrant for your home or vehicle without it being a search under the 4th amendment, especially in drug related crimes, most of the people think that they need a search warrant in order to register any part of their property, but the law considers garbage as an abandoned property in some instances and doesn’t believe that you should expect privacy in those cases, whether or not the garbage is protected from police searches without a warrant, relies on the decision of the court regardless of where was the garbage located in the property, when your garbage cans are actually put in the curb of your property, the court considers it to be abandoned property since any person can have access to it, but it your garbage is within the curtilage of your house ...

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